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It was my second order on "Top"

This was my second order on "Top Steroids Online" and this time my order arrived very quickly, around 10 days. Very fast compared to my first order.
Everything is legit and I will definitely be buying again.
Also because they give you a discount for every next order so it's worth it !!

Greetings, Xavier

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April 15, 2021

Great company!

Great company, I got emails all the time informing me about the shipment. 100% legitimate. Good prices and safe shipping.

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Cody R.

April 9, 2021

First time with these guys and loved it

First time with these guys and loved it. The communication was perfect. It took 9 days to arrive, quite quickly. Eq ordered and test e. Great quality… cycled for 12 weeks and it was great. Got bigger and harder. Veins were popping up everywhere. Testing made my skin oily and no glitch at all… everything and everything I am happy.

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Wallace S.

May 10, 2021

I highly recommend !

I highly recommend!!
What I like most about TOP is their ability to go unnoticed. The packaging is so random, so well done that no one would be able to guess what is in it. And that's for sure because no equipment was damaged. I highly recommend them.

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Gustavo R.

May 6, 2021

They didn't let me down

After 4 months, I finally got on steroids. I was angry because 2 times the parcel did not go through polland, I was angry and I thought they cheated on me and sent a wrong shipment, they gave me an alternative to mactropin des Pays- Down and one day I couldn't believe but the mail came to my door everything was inside and I can't tell they lied to me anymore, I can only say they did everything it was necessary. it comes to me a bit late but it's better than ever. For their good work and because they haven't given up on me, they get 5 stars. Thanks for the good customer service communication.

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April 01, 2021

It all happened

Everything arrived as I ordered, I'm happy with it. The shipping time was a little longer, but that's because they send it by post. Definitely, I will order them again!

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Marcel C.

March 27, 2021

I have never bought peptides / steroids

I have never bought peptides / steroids online. One of my gym buddies advised me to buy from TOP and I did. The website is well structured, easy to use, and the price is right for the quality you get. I have to admit I was a little anxious the first time around because I wasn't sure my order would arrive or that they would just steal my money. All fear was gone after I received my order in good condition.

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March 19, 2021

Very professional and trusted site

You can trust this website.
Customer service responds quickly and really tries to give you a good solution. Thank you so much. We must have more websites like this.

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May 11, 2021

Very good communication with customer service

Great communication with customer service, they were so nice and very helpful with my payment. 10/10 packaging, very discreet in 4 layers. The product looks very good. I am very excited to try. I am very satisfied with this page, of course I will buy again!

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Adam K.

April 21, 2021

Again, great experience

Again, great experience, fast and reliable. I had few questions on the way to which customer service responded quickly. I will definitely consult them in the future.

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Lucas S.

March 13, 2021
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