Maximize your bodybuilding gains with Testosterone Sustanon Mix

With our Testosterone Sustanon blend, you get four exogenous testosterone esters to maximize your muscle building gains. Each vial of our Testosterone Sustanon 250mg blend contains 100mg of testosterone decanoate, 60mg of testosterone isocaproate, 60mg of testosterone phenylpropionate and 30mg of testosterone propionate.
If you have never used injectable androgenic-anabolic steroids (AAS), we advise you to consult an experienced trainer who will advise you on how to safely administer this mixture of testosterone and sustanon. Typically, you can inject our Testosterone Sustanon Blend into your glutes, pecs, or quadruped muscles for maximum effect.
When it comes to the half-life of the exogenous testosterones that make up this Testosterones Sustanon blend, Testosterone Propionate and Testosterone Phenylpropionate offer the shortest half-life and fastest anabolic effects possible. Testosterone isocaproate has a moderate half-life, while testosterone decanoate is the ester with the longest half-life.
Inducing an increase in plasma levels of testosterone in your body, the esters in our Testosterone Sustanon blend will typically stay in your body for a period of 21 days (three weeks) from the day you start cycling. But detection of esters in our Testosterone Sustanon Blend will be evident in dry blood within 5-10 days of a cycle. However, full detection of esters of this AAS would be more evident after about 14 days (2 weeks).

1) Cycle and Dosage of Testosterone Sustanon Mix

Recommended cycles and dosages should be treated on an individual basis due to several factors such as age, gender, body mass index (BMI), etc. However, a single dose of 1ml given by deep muscle injection in the glutes, pectorals or quadriceps is recommended every three weeks (21 days).
You should consult your physician and/or personal bodybuilding trainer before embarking on a testosterone and sustanon mix cycle or stack. Speaking of stacking, you can combine this Testosterone Sustanon blend with other AAS. You can stack this Sustanon blend with Winstrol for lean quality weight gain while for optimal skeletal muscle mass gains you can stack with Boldenone, Masteron, Nandrolone, and Parabolan.
It is important to have a Post Cycle Therapy (PCT) plan before performing a Testosterone Sustanon mix cycle or stack. We offer a good collection of anti-estrogens that you can incorporate into your PCT protocol to minimize the side effects of estrogen spikes due to aromatization of testosterone esters in your body.

2) Benefits of Testosterone Sustanon Mix

This Testosterone Sustanon Blend is ideal if you want to gain weight. Bodybuilders gained up to 20 pounds in weight from their first cycle of Testosterone Sustanon.
You can also expect considerable growth in the muscular mass skeletal due to increased protein synthesis in your muscle tissues resulting from the use of Testosterone Sustanon mix.
Also, Testosterone Sustanon mix will improve your energy, strength, power, agility and endurance levels. This AAS increases the number of oxygen-rich red blood cells in your body and reduces lactic acid buildup in your skeletal muscle tissues to improve your endurance during training.

3) Where to buy Testosterone Sustanon Mix?

You can get authentic Testosterone Sustanon Mix from the most reputable pharmaceutical companies in the world. Testosterone Sustanon Mix is easily available in Top Steroids and you can get them here.
Finally, remember to consult an experienced bodybuilding coach before purchasing and/or cycling Testosterone Sustanon mix. We offer you the free assistance of our resident IFBB PRO. You can contact us here for advice on how to proceed with your cycle, diet and PCT today.

Do you want rapid and lasting mass gain? Combine Sustanon with your "mass gain" cure!

Available in injectable form, Sustanon corresponds to a mixture of 4 testosterone esters: Testosterone Propionate, Testosterone Phenylpropionate, Testosterone Isocaproate and Testosterone Decaonate.

This composition makes Sustanon, a complete product that is one of the TOP 10 steroids. Indeed, Testosterone Propionate and Phenylpropionate will have a relatively short action, while Testosterone Isocaproate will act moderately and Testosterone Decaonate will have a much longer action.

Sustanon will therefore allow you to obtain a transformation of your muscle mass very quickly and will continue to act in depth over time.Used in combination with other steroids, Sustanon helps maximize the desired effects.

However, it is essential to accompany the cure with protections and to carry out, after the cycle, a recovery cure (PCT). Find all the recovery supplements in our section Anti-estrogen.

And to better support you in the success of your cure, do not hesitate to ask for free advice from our team of experts, via our form. All of our products are genuine, check for yourself.

In order to help you achieve your goals, therefore offers you a wide choice of Sustanon, from the most prestigious laboratories.

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