All about the Equipoise steroid and what it does

All about the Equipoise steroid and what it does

The name Equipoise (EQ) was given by the famous company Squibb. It was invented in 1949 and marketed in the 1960s by the Ciba company. Ciba brought the Equipoise with an undecylenate ester attached to it. It is also known as Boldenone Undecylenate. This compound has a similar chemical structure to Dianabol, but it works very differently. The Equipoise steroid is similar to Dianabol on a chemical basis, but it does not use the 17-alpha-alkyl group for ease of administration.

Equipoise is the trademark for an injectable steroid known as Boldenone in the pharmaceutical field. It is derived from testosterone and has a changed fundamental structure. It has low androgenic characteristics, and it is of low estrogenic nature. Its aromatization rate is approximately 50 % of that of testosterone. However, that doesn't mean that it won't cause estrogenic side effects. When you combine with testosterone, you may face various estrogenic side effects. It is an excellent steroid for gaining lean or lean muscle mass.


I. What are steroids used for?

The steroids are one of the most powerful drugs used to improve physical performance and physique of the body. Originally, steroids were used to treat medical conditions such as breast cancer, anemia, muscle wasting disease, other chronic illnesses, and surgery. People who are associated with the world of sports and fitness use steroids to improve their performance. Buy anabolic steroids with original and high quality 100% products.

Bodybuilders and athletes use steroids for a variety of purposes, such as building mass and weight loss. When you want to gain muscle mass quickly, you can use the Dianabol, the'Anadrol, the Trenbolone and the Testosterone. When you want to reduce your excess body fat while maintaining muscle mass, you can use steroids such as Winstrol, Anavar, Clenbuterol, and Primobolan.

When you take steroids with the right stack and follow the recommended steroid cycle, it will yield amazing bodybuilding results. Equipoise or Boldenone is also one of the strongest steroids that helps you build muscle mass and overall strength.


II. What is the Equipoise steroid?

Equipoise Undecylenate is a popular anabolic steroid that contains stronger anabolic properties and weak androgenic properties. It comes with an attached Undecylenate ester. This attached ester increased the effectiveness of Equipoise, so they are injected every 3 or 4 weeks. You do not need to use Boldenone injections frequently.

Boldenone is released slowly in your system compared to other anabolic steroids. It takes about 20-25 days to leave your system. You can find Boldenone type steroids for sale on the most reputable steroid websites.




III. What does the Equipoise steroid do?

When you take the correct dose of Equipoise it will produce more red blood cells which is almost the effects that are caused by every anabolic steroid. Like other first-rate anabolic and androgenic steroids, Equipoise's Undecylenate has no therapeutic use in humans. This steroidal compound is also banned in racehorses, as it was used on horses during the Olympics.

Boldenone or Equipoise is not a drug approved for human use by the Food And Drug Administration. Bodybuilders and athletes use it to improve muscle mass and overall physical performance. The real advantage of Equipoise at agricultural and international level is to promote the growth of farm animals. Many countries are used to increase food production by injecting Equipoise into animals.


IV. Equipoise (Boldenone) Vs. Deca Durabolin

Boldenone and Deca Durabolin, both of these steroids, help you build larger and stronger muscle mass. However, the majority of experienced users believe that Deca Durabolin is superior to Equipoise (EQ). This is because Deca is better in terms of retention of muscle mass and gains in body strength.

EQ has very weak estrogenic effects, so it won't cause serious estrogenic side effects. On the other hand, Deca Durabolin can cause excessive estrogenic effects, so it is essential to perform post cycle therapy with Clomid, Nolvadex to protect against excess estrogen.

The active half-life of Equipoise is approximately 14 days, while that of Deca Durabolin is approximately 8 to 9 hours. Deca Durabolin gives great results when it comes to muscle mass gains, while EQ gives moderate gains.
High dose of Deca Durabolin leads to various side effects like gynecomastia and water retention. In contrast, EQ causes various androgenic side effects such as baldness, growth of facial and body hair, and acne. Deca Durabolin is widely suited to cycles of weight gain, while Equipoise is suitable for the weight loss cycle.


V. Information on the Equipoise cycle (Boldenone)

Here we are going to see the best recommended EQ cycle which is used for various purposes. First, we'll talk about the best EQ growth cycle:

WeekEquipoiseTestosterone - CArimidex
Week 1400 mg per week400 mg per week0.5 mg per week
Week 2400 mg per week400 mg per week0.5 mg per week
Week 3400 mg per week400 mg per week0.5 mg per week
Week 4400 mg per week400 mg per week0.5 mg per week
Week 5400 mg per week400 mg per week0.5 mg per week
Week 6400 mg per week400 mg per week0.5 mg per week
Week 7400 mg per week400 mg per week0.5 mg per week
Week 8400 mg per week400 mg per week0.5 mg per week
Week 9400 mg per week400 mg per week0.5 mg per week
Week 10400 mg per week400 mg per week0.5 mg per week
Week 11400 mg per week400 mg per week0.5 mg per week
Week 12400 mg per week400 mg per week0.5 mg per week


Advanced Weight Loss Cycle Pack - Testo-Prop / Equipoise / Winstrol - 12 weeks - Mactropin



→ The team's weight loss stack cycle

WeekEquipoiseTestosterone - P (every other day)AnavarArimidex (every other day)
Week 1400 mg per week100 mg0.5 mg
Week 2400 mg per week100 mg0.5 mg
Week 3400 mg per week100 mg0.5 mg
Week 4400 mg per week100 mg 0.5 mg
Week 5400 mg per week100 mg0.5 mg
Week 6400 mg per week100 mg 0.5 mg
Week 7400 mg per week100 mg 50 mg per day0.5 mg
Week 8400 mg per week100 mg50 mg per day0.5 mg
Week 9400 mg per week100 mg50 mg per day0.5 mg
Week 10400 mg per week100 mg50 mg per day0.5 mg
Week 11400 mg per week100 mg50 mg per day0.5 mg
Week 12400 mg per week100 mg50 mg per day0.5 mg

Remark : EOD means every other day.


VI. Expected results of Equipoise (Boldenone)?

The equipoise is popular because of its effective results. If you use it correctly, it will bring you several benefits, as mentioned below:

  • Increases the number of red blood cells
  • It has the ability to promote nitrogen retention in the muscle
  • Increases IGF-1 factors
  • Increase lean muscle mass
  • Increase strength and power
  • Reduces body fat
  • Improve general performance
  • Fast recovery rate
  • Effective in weight loss phase
  • Preserves lean muscle during a weight loss cycle
  • Increase appetite
  • Improves the level of endurance



VII. Where to buy Equipoise (Boldenone)?

You can buy steroids of the type Boldenone online from here. There are several websites available on the Internet that sell anabolic steroids online. But make sure you find reliable sources as there are many sites that sell bogus products that don't give any results. So before you buy, you should make sure that you are purchasing original 100% products.

Top-steroids sells original and high quality Boldenone 100% products which come direct from the best reputable laboratories. It gives you the most effective results when you consume it correctly along with diet and workout.



Equipoise is one of the powerful steroid compounds which is used for strengthening and weight loss. However, it gives more effective results in the weight loss phase, so bodybuilders and athletes use it to perform weight loss cycles. Boldenone can lead to testosterone suppression, so post cycle therapy is mandatory at the end of this steroid cycle.

High dose and long term use of Equipoise is not good for your health. So please avoid it. To get effective results, you need to take it with the right stack and the right protection. Do not go for cheap Boldenone products which might be fake products which give no results and affect your health. Always buy it from the best steroid sites. If you need more free advice from our experts, contact us anytime.

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