Everything you want to know about body muscles and steroid medicine

Everything you want to know about body muscles and steroid medicine

I. Before applying steroid drugs, here are 3 things you should know about your muscle system:

If you are a bodybuilder looking to build muscle mass with the application of steroid drugs, it is important that you understand your muscle system first and foremost. The human body is made up of three main muscles, namely: striated muscle systems or skeletal, smooth and heart.

     #1. Striated or skeletal muscular system:

The striated or skeletal muscle system consists of all the muscles that are attached to your bones. These muscles are consciously and intentionally controlled by your central nervous system (CNS) and play a very crucial role in your skeletal mobility.

The word "striated" (to describe your skeletal muscles) comes from the fact that the fibers in your muscles are not smooth, but appear in transverse streaks. Interestingly, despite the transverse streaks, each muscle fiber in your skeletal muscle system functions independently.


     # 2. Smooth muscle system:

Smooth muscles form the second type of muscle system in your body and are also an important consideration for bodybuilding. steroids. These muscles are called "smooth" because they can be found lining the walls of some of your internal organs, such as: the uterus (in women), blood vessels, bladder, and gastrointestinal tract.

Your smooth muscles are controlled by your autonomic nervous system (ANS) and unlike your skeletal muscles, smooth muscles are not controlled voluntarily and consciously.


    # 3. Cardiac muscular system:

Similar to smooth muscles, heart muscles are controlled by your autonomic nervous system (ANS), so the control of these muscles is not voluntary in nature. Your heart muscle cells are made up of a single central nucleus, just like smooth muscles. However, like your skeletal muscle system, your heart muscles are stripped.



II. What makes up a muscle?

While the muscles that make up your heart, smooth, and skeletal muscle systems perform a host of different activities and functions, they are all made up of similar components.

Typically, your muscles are made up of a network (numbering in the thousands) of densely packed elastic muscle fibers. Each of the elastic muscle fibers is made up of myofibrils. Myofibrils are protein blocks made up of molecules and myoglobin (a special type of protein) that stimulate the amount of energy and oxygen needed to trigger muscle contraction.

Myofibrils are made up of filaments that tend to fold up whenever your nervous system signals to contract muscle fibers. By contracting, the total length of flexible muscle fibers will be shortened. As the fibers of a muscle decrease in length, the muscle they form also shortens.

These tightly bundled flexible muscle fibers are completely covered by the perimysium. Perimysium is a thin transparent sheet of protective membrane that envelops muscle fibers.


III. How does muscle contraction work?

Without the use of anabolic steroids, natural muscle contraction occurs after your central nervous system produces and transmits an impulse called an 'action potential' that travels along a motor neuron (a nerve cell) to the neuromuscular junction and then to a muscle cell.

When the signal transmitted by the nervous system arrives at the neuromuscular junction, the motor neuron releases acetylcholine which is a neurotransmitter that binds to certain receptors located on the outer wall of your muscle fiber. This sets off a chemical reaction which leads to your muscles contracting.


IV. Steroid medicine and muscle pain

One of the main reasons bodybuilders turn to steroid medicine is to get fast relief from the effects of muscle pain, pain caused by muscle injury. Aches and pains in the muscles otherwise known as "myalgia" are a very common condition, especially among athletes of strength.

Physical overexertion resulting in muscle tension, stress, and injury from intense workouts and regular heavy lifting are known causes of muscle aches and pains.

Other causes of muscle pain are medical in nature and some of these conditions include:
- infections such as bacterial infections, polio and influenza,
- Fibromyalgia,
- Myofascial pain syndrome,
- Chronic fatigue syndrome,
- Polymyositis, dermatomyositis, lupus and other similar autoimmune diseases,
- Hypokalaemia (low potassium level in the body), and
- Hyperthyroidism and hypothyroidism (medical problems related to the thyroid).

Besides using an anabolic steroid to relieve muscle aches, bodybuilders can also resort to proven home remedies, such as: taking time to rest, using an ice pack to reduce inflammation and relieve aches and pains, administer ibuprofen and other pain relievers similar over-the-counter.

While home remedies offer significant relief from muscle pain, it should be mentioned that they are often only effective after regular application and usually over a long period of time. This may not be acceptable for bodybuilders who need a quick fix (which steroid medicine provides) so that they can resume their regular training regimen.


V. Muscle maintenance

The amount of muscle mass you will gain even while weight training with the help of steroids is usually determined by your genetics, age, gender, workout schedule, and the type, dosage, and frequency of steroid use. , among other factors.

However, with a well-coordinated training program aimed at building muscle mass and the use of the appropriate anabolic steroid pills or injections, you will be able to gain relatively exceptional muscle mass.

Some experts in bodybuilding and steroid medicine have suggested that it is much easier to build muscle mass than it is to maintain muscle. With this in mind, it is important to implement proven methods of maintaining muscle, such as:

  • Continuous training:

your testosterone hormone levels start to drop when you turn 40. This is also the time when you tend to naturally lose muscle mass in part due to a decrease in your physical activity. It is therefore important to continue training until your 50s if you want to maintain a certain level of muscle mass, even if you are supporting it with steroid drugs.

  • Eat lots of protein:

it is estimated that your minimum daily protein intake should be around 0.8 grams per kg of body weight. So if you weigh 80 kg, your daily protein intake should not be less than 64 grams.

As you age, your daily protein intake should increase to around 1.2 grams. Protein is needed to build muscle and to maintain muscle mass, you need the right amount of protein in your body.

  • Maintain a balanced diet:

In addition to eating enough protein, you need to maintain a balanced diet in order to maintain your muscle gains. Make sure you're getting the right amount of essential carbohydrates, vegetables, fats, and minerals needed to maintain muscle. Your personal trainer and dietitian can formulate an eating plan that will be specific to your needs.

  • Get enough rest and sleep:

Rest and sleep are essential for the repair and regeneration of damaged muscles. When you take the time to rest and sleep, human growth hormone and testosterone support the rebuilding of damaged muscle tissue.

Cortisol is a stress hormone that does the exact opposite, rather than rebuilding muscle, cortisol aims to lower it further. To prevent the release of this stress hormone in your body, you need to get enough rest and sleep.



  • Train properly:

your training shouldn't be limited to using injectable steroids or anabolic steroids to stimulate your muscles. You should also make sure that you only train after consuming meals designed for your level of training intensity.

The body will use glucose in your muscles to compensate for a lack of glucose from a food source. To avoid depleting your blood sugar levels and consequently reducing muscle mass, you need to eat well before and after your workouts.

Also, avoid consuming too much caffeine and avoid consuming too much alcoholic beverages, as alcohol can increase the level of estrogen in your body while suppressing your testosterone levels and causing loss of muscle mass.


VI. What are steroids used for?

Anabolic steroids are used in steroid medicine to improve your overall athletic and physical performance. Athletes, including weightlifters and bodybuilders, use steroids to build muscle mass, increase strength, increase energy levels, improve endurance, and speed recovery time from muscle injuries.


VII. How do anabolic steroids work?

Anabolic androgenic steroids help increase amino acid production and protein synthesis in muscles. When this happens, you tend to experience muscle growth accompanied by increased energy levels.

Additionally, steroid medicine will increase the amount of oxygenated red blood cells flowing to your muscles, which in turn builds up your stamina. Anabolic steroids also help increase your metabolism rate thereby burning fat and breaking down fat into muscle mass.



There are side effects of steroids in bodybuilding. The steroids will now cause virilization or masculinization in users. They experience increased growth in body and facial hair, a deepening and hoarseness in their voice, and a reduction in the size of their breasts.

Some anabolic steroids turn into estrogen, which causes male bodybuilders to develop male breasts (gynecomastia). Common side effects of injections of steroids include numbness, rash formation, incessant itching and even an abscess.


VIII. Conclusion

Steroid medicine in bodybuilding is very helpful in building up your muscular system, especially your muscles. muscles skeletal. Anabolic steroids can stimulate protein synthesis in your muscles, which leads to muscle growth. Plus, you'll benefit from other gains like increased energy, increased strength and endurance, and better recovery time from muscle injuries.

Maintaining a balanced diet without consuming unhealthy foods and alcoholic beverages is one way to maintain muscle mass with proper training, adequate rest, and adequate protein intake. While the side effects of steroids in bodybuilding are real, you can limit their influence by sticking to a recommended steroid cycle, dosage, stack, and duration of steroid use.


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